How to apply for a UK visa?

On this page we provide concise visa guidance for students wishing to learn English in the United Kingdom.

Do I need a UK visa?

You need a short-term study visa if you are NOT a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) citizen.

What is the short-term study visa?

  • The short-term study visa is for non-EEA/EU nationals taking an English course in the UK
  • It is available for students of all language levels including beginner.
  • It is available for students 18+.
  • You can apply for a 6 months visa or an 11 months visa.
  • You cannot extend this visa
  • It costs GBP 89 for 6 months and GBP 170 for 11 months.
  • With this visa you can’t 
    • study at a state school
    • work (including on a work placement or work experience) or carry out any business
    • bring family members with you - they must apply separately
    • get public funds

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Which documents do I need to apply for a UK visa?

  • You need our booking confirmation / invoice and our visa invitation letter to proove that you have registered for a language course in our school
  • You need your bank statements or payslips for the last 6 months in order to proove that you have enough money to pay your living expenses while you are in the UK as well as your return journey.
  • You might also need a tuberculosis test
  • You can check out which other documents you need here

How to apply for a UK visa?

  1. Book your language course at least 6 weeks before arrival. The earlier you make your booking the easier it will be for you to get your visa on time.
  2. We will process your booking and send you a booking confirmation / invoice.
  3. You pay the invoice (full payment required)
  4. We will send you a visa invitation letter.
  5. You apply for the UK visa ( )
    • You register online and fill in the application form
    • You pay the visa fee online
    • You print out your application form
    • You book an appointment at a visa application centre
  6. After successfully finishing this process you should get a decision on your visa within 3 weeks.
  7. We will then be happy to welcome you to our school.
  8. If a visa application is rejected and we receive written evidence at least 10 working days prior to arrival, we will refund the fees received in full, less an administrative fee of 85 GBP. Where we receive this evidence, the refund will be paid to you within four weeks of your providing us with bank details and signed authorisation that the refund should be paid to that account. If written evidence of a refusal is received less than 10 days prior to arrival then the refund will be paid less the administrative fee and the following non-refundable payments: 100 GBP.

For further information regarding what you will need to apply, application forms and your eligibility please visit this section of the gov website or contact us.